Harry Potter and the Year Shit Gets Real

Somehow, despite all the other books and audiobooks I have waiting for me, I ended back up listening to the Goblet of Fire audiobook. (My only consolation is that I have certainly been reading a fair amount otherwise, and plenty of new books as well) I was struck by a very certain thought. This year, Harry Potter's fourth... Continue Reading →

The Importance of the Non-Benders

I love Avatar. I don't mean Avatar as in blue people (which was a gorgeous movie but only so-so writing) but rather Avatar as in the dude with an arrow tattooed on his forehead. I am also not talking about the horribly butchered live-action movie, but the good old Nickelodeon cartoon. Now that was not only... Continue Reading →

My Goals for this Website

Right now, I'm writing this with the knowledge that probably the only people who will read this are the ones I send a link to and say "LOOK AT WHAT I WROTE". After that, only the people who are actually my friends will click on the link and look at what I wrote. But I... Continue Reading →

Shakp, Shakspe, Shakspere

FUN FACT: There are six surviving signatures from William Shakespeare. In none of them does his name appear in exactly the same way. Furthermore, he never actually even wrote his name as "Shakespeare", like everyone knows him today. The closest was "Shakspeare". And, in case you were wondering, he had kinda crappy handwriting. I mean, I... Continue Reading →

Hot damn, I did it. I DID IT. I finally finished the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Technically, I haven't read New Spring, the prequel, but I finished the fourteen books that are probably between 1000 and 1200 pages each. This has been a year and a half of my life. I've never made this... Continue Reading →

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